- Carry out promotion (annual shows and brochures) and do the necessary advertising to maximise the     profitability of its fleet
- Draw up a charter contract with each charterer and monitor the commercial and     financial aspects of all the dossiers
- Tick off a strict inventory at the start and on the return of each charter (dive     down to check the bottom of the hull, etc.)
- Carry out the upkeep and repairs due to the charter and monitor the payment of     invoices by our clients
- Make up the boat’s accounts on a quarterly basis or at the owner’s request
- Constantly check the boat is in good working order and keep an eye on it in the     event of a gale
- Store the owner’s personal effects somewhere safe during charter periods.


- Provide a perfectly seaworthy boat comprising a safety and navigation inventory that is in line with the charterer’s specifications
- Insure the boat with the charter clause
- Pay for a port berth, which may be his or her own or one of the CFC’s berths granted whilst awaiting a definitive berth to become available after registering on the waiting list at the relevant harbour master’s office.
- Ensure the boat is in perfect working order after his or her personal use or report the various problems encountered to us
- Only use his or her boat during the periods noted on the charter mandate or to contact us about using the boat when it is not being chartered.


- The C.F.C’s commission equates to 38% exclusive of VAT of the total amount exclusive of VAT for the charter fee (35% for new boats)

- A rendering of the boat’s accounts is submitted to the owner at the end of the contracting period in addition to the quarterly accounts.